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Eric Staab is a singer/songwriter out of Virginia Beach.  Eric has built a versatile show ranging from his solo show, duo and trio performances, all the way to a full band production. Whatever you are looking for in the way of live music entertainment Eric takes joy in curating the perfect show for your special event. This includes weddings and all public and private events. Eric is actively working on his original music and is staying busy in the studio to bring his sound to the world. "For me there is no better peace, than the peace I find when I am emerged in music. I have found meaning in my writings and have found a way to journal my life with the words and music that flows thru me." If you would like to follow Eric's progress and stay updated on show dates and new music release we invite you to join his emailing list, or connect thru any social media outlet.


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Music has always been a driving force for me. No matter where I am in life, it always comes back to writing songs and singing. Being able to share what I've written with others, is one of the best feelings, and am looking forward to continue doing so.


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