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Eric Staab’s love for good music has made him a fast-rising talent in the mainstream entertainment industry. He is coming out to be a rare talent with not only a resonating voice, but a strong commitment to the art. A native of Virginia Beach, Eric is a keen lover of music and has continuously expressed it through songs. Over the years, he has collaborated with acts across various genres, keeping his mind open to incredible possibilities in his craft.

For the talented singer, Music remains a driving force and a center of his existence. Striving to encapsulate true feeling and emotion thru his Lyrical storytelling and captivating vocal melodies, Eric finds giving his listeners a remarkable listening time a rewarding experience. Eric seeks great appeal as well as overcoming all challenges in the competitive atmosphere of the entertainment business. As a songwriter, singer, and guitarist his goal is to enlighten and entertain while creating timeless, enjoyable, and relatable art.